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    Test your startup idea before you build it​

    Build, validate and launch a MVP in 10 days without writing any code.

  • Introducing the 10-Day Reslack MVP Sprint

    The most common challenge in early startups is the lack of customer demand. You could spend up thousands developing the first version of your idea without knowing if customers want your product or service. That's why it’s critical to test your startup idea before you build it.


    Reslack helps you launch a strategy to validate customer demand for your startup idea. This includes (1) building a pre-launch landing page, (2) setting up a Google AdWords campaign and (3) measuring customer demand through email signups.

    Dynamic Pre-Launch Website

    1. Build an MVP

    An MVP in the form of a landing page will articulate how your product solves the problem your customers face.

    Customer Validation Strategy

    2. Drive Ad Traffic

    Drive clients to your MVP by leveraging PPC ads with the objective of having clients signup to your pre-launch.

    One-time Flat Fee

    3. Validate Customer Demand

    Validate customer demand by measuring signups to your MVP.

  • How Reslack Works

    Three Steps in Ten Days

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    1. Request

    Getting started is simple

    Your first step is to answer a several core questions around your vision and startup assumptions. This will lead to creating your Reslack pre-launch landing page and ad campaign.

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    2. Build MVP & Ad Campaign

    Lean development allows for speed

    We'll build your MVP using a combination of tools such as Strikingly, Zapier, Typeform and Stripe to meet your objectives. In parallel we'll create a Google AdWords Ad strategy including bidding plan to help you validate customer demand.

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    3. Launch & Measure Signups

    Let your idea fly

    Finally we'll publish the live site on your domain and hand over your ad campaign for launch. As you receive customer signups you'll be able to measure customer demand for your idea.

  • Featured MVP Sprints From our Community

    Join our community of entrepreneurs who are building products that customers want.

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    Rental Ai

    Rental Ai is a personal assistant who finds no fee apartments in NYC for you

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    The Home-Cooked Dinner Club

    Healthy ready-to-cook meals designed to be cooked in 10 mins

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